What I’ve been learned from 1 years of marriage

What I’ve been learned from 1 years of marriage


What God hath joined together no man shall put asunder; God will take care of that.

- George Bernard Shaw

One year ago today, I stood in front of my wedding venue to greet my groom and to pledge to him before God and those witnesses my love and my life. And today as I glanced over at my sleeping husband who had once again wrapped himself in all the blankets, I look back and wonder what all…

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Film pendek favorit

Movies are a great form of entertainment. They make you laugh, cry, inspire you, happy, sad, they make you think intellectually. Movies can raise interesting philosophical questions about the human condition, as well as stand out as supreme works of art.  Who doesn’t like to watch movies? I do like watching a movies especially short movie, here’s a list for my favorite  short movie



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Short Trip to De’Ranch

Short Trip to De’Ranch


Love horses or just want to take your kids to have fun times? I suggest to visit this place. Last week we went to De’Ranch Bandung. I’ve never been there before though I travel a lot to Bandung, I became so excited to go to DeRanch. When I have reached there, I found The landscape is amazing; super green with fresh air, very suits to farm environment.

For me D’ranch is the best option for family…

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Mengejar senja ke negeri seribu satu larangan

Mengejar senja ke negeri seribu satu larangan


Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.

- Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky

Another short trip, but this time was for a business trip. Ini adalah jalan jalan tersingkat ke luar negeri dalam hidup…

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Home decor: Dress your wall with Popsterind

Home decor: Dress your wall with Popsterind

If i’m broke now, it’s all because of PopsterIND. They have soooooo many cute theme poster for wall decor and it’s suddenly caught my eyes.  i love their entire poster design, seriously. The era of keeping the wallsblank is completely over. No matter how nice the furniture in a room is, the room just doesn’t look complete and lived in until there’s something hanging on the walls.  You can add a…

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Mixtape: Melarung Senja



Seno Gumira Ajidarma menulis bahwa Senja adalah abadi di Negeri Senja, matahari selalu dalam keadaan merah dan siap terbenam tapi tak pernah terbenam, sehingga seluruh dinding gedung, tembok gang, dan kaca-kaca jendela berkilat selalu kemerah-merahan. Orang-orang bisa terus-menerus berada di pantai selama-lamanya, dan orang-orang bisa terus-menerus minum kopi sambil memandang langit…

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Menangkap masa lampau dari Indischetafel

Menangkap masa lampau dari Indischetafel

tampak depan

courtessy google. kami tidak sempat foto tampak depannya because my camera run out the battery :(

bij een diner evenement is een viering van cultuur-

Saya sedang dalam perjalanan menikmati sore di Bandung bersama suami di hari lebaran kedua ketika kami menemukan sebuah cafe bergaya kolonial di bilangan jalan Sumatera, Bandung. Saya langsung tertarik untuk singgah sebentar sambil…

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Weekend getaway: Kota Tua

Weekend getaway: Kota Tua


Every person needs to take one day away.  A day in which one consciously separates the past from the future.  Jobs, family, employers, and friends can exist one day without any one of us, and if our egos permit us to confess, they could exist eternally in our absence.  Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for.  Each of us needs to withdraw…

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Belajar memaafkan

from google

lets be honest, we’ve all been hurt by another person at some time or another. Sometimes we were treated badly and our trust was broken while our hearts was hurt. kemarin, penanda sebuah pesan singkat masuk ke dalam salah satu media chat di handphone saya;

Maafin semua yang sudah aku lakuin ke kamu dulu.”

Saya menghela nafas, jemari saya gagu bisu. It bounced me back to the time…

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An afternoon getaway

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”

― Henry James

we spent a good part of last Saturday together and we were enjoying our short sleeves and sandals. Ini sudah jadi salah satu hobbi pas bosen banget dirumah mau ngapain pasti selalu keluar rumah buat sekedar jalan jalan kecil. Hari sabtu juga akhirnya kita…

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Explore Pasar Pagi at Ciumbuleuit

Explore Pasar Pagi at Ciumbuleuit

we had tons of fun there! how on earth we can ever resist the existence of fresh air at Ciumbuleuit, a tons of cotton candy, Lidi pedas, Nasi bakar and fresh vegetables from garden?? we just couldn’t help ourselves but turning that opportunity into something we consider as fun; took pictures and chew! here is a snapped from Pasar Pagi Ciumbuleuit.

did you remember this guys?


Pasar pagi Punclut in…

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A letter to reminder

A letter to reminder

dear brain,
i know you are a little bit tired. but please do cope with me during this deadline period.

dear husband,
please don’t argue with me and ask me to cut my hair again ok?

dear black coffee,

dear rain,
thank you for coming last night.

dear Zara,
i am poor. please don’t attract me.

dear marlboro,
you just have no idea how much i’ve missed you.

dear fat,
please go away.


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Taman suropati - Jakarta need more city parks

Taman suropati – Jakarta need more city parks

Why do Jakarta need more city parks and open space? of course for me to improve our physical and psychological health, strengthen our communities, and make our cities and neighborhoods more attractive places to live and work. Saya mencintai Jakarta dengan segala kelelahan dan keserabutannya, akan sangat menyenangkan jika setelah seharian lelah bekerja kemudian bisa berjalan kaki untuk mampir…

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Weekend Getaway

I’ve always loved to travel with my husband, because we can spend a lot of times together. We shared laugh, a lil’ gossip about friends, talk about our office and also chewing on some food (everybody loves to chew right?) we’re enjoying the beautiful scenery on our journey so much and snapped a picture during our road trip. So a couple weeks ago, my husband and me went to Bandung, we have been…

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Learn from the giving tree

Oh crap! this is the saddest book I’ve ever read. Almost 20 years after I was gifted this book and it still sticks out in my mind as something that moved and inspired me.